Access to Master Files


Access to master files and other datastreams are only available to users with accounts for Master files are not available for download from the public site unless an institution specifically asked to make the master files available.

Accessing Your Master Files

  • Navigate to your object on the CTDA Manage site and lick the download icon.


  • The icon will expand to display the different files you can download. The "OBJ" is the master file. Click on the "OBJ" hyperlink to download your file.


Not all items in the repository will have an OBJ. The following content models do not have an OBJ datastream:

  • Book (islandora:bookCModel)

  • Collection (islandora:collectionCModel)

  • Compound Object (islandora:compoundCModel)

  • Manuscript (islandora:manuscriptCModel)

  • Newspaper (islandora:newspaperCModel)

  • Newspaper Issues (islandora:newspaperIssueCModel)

All of these content models act as wrappers that contain other content models with OBJ datastreams. For example, a Book Content Model contains Page Content Model objects that have OBJ datastreams.