About the CTDA


Welcome to the Connecticut Digital Archive. 

The CTDA is part of the Digital Preservation Repository Program at the University of Connecticut. We serve the entire state and are dedicated to the maintenance, delivery, and preservation of a wide range of digital resources for educational and cultural institutions and State Agencies in Connecticut.

Our logo and tagline explains our mission and purpose. 


One part of our mission is to connect our members in a collaborative community to help them advance their digital preservation and access programs and to learn from each other. 


We maintain the technology infrastructure for members to implement their digital preservation programs. 


Through our training and technology, we make it possible for our members to share their digital content with each other and the world. As a Service Hub of the DPLA, the CTDA connects Connecticut's digital Content with the larger cultural community. 

To fulfill our mission we engage in three primary activities: 

  1. Provide technology infrastructure to manage, maintain, and disseminate digital collections

  2. Support members by providing resources, training, and collaborative opportunities

  3. Advise potential participants about the CTDA’s programs and refers them to alternatives if no CTDA program is suitable for their needs