Enhanced Collection Pages



Customizing Your Enhanced Collection Page

Each new institution will have an ECP set up as part of joining the CTDA. To make changes to your ECP, please email ctda@uconn.edu.

Any work on ECPs will be done on our staging website, https://ctda-staging1.lib.uconn.edu, first and then moved over to the public site.

Each object in the repository from a particular institution will be branded with the institution's logo. The logo is hyperlinked back to the institution's root collection page.

Institutional Colors

Each institution has the option to provide a color scheme to brand all pages within their particular namespace.

The default color for institutions who do not supply any branding information is CTDA red. Institution's interested in customizing their branding colors, please email ctda@uconn.edu with the HEX Color code for your branding.

Contextual Menu

The Contextual Menu offers institutions the ability to link to other pages in the repository, as well as websites outside of the CTDA.

By default, the CTDA includes four links in the contextual menu:

  • About - Link to the Institutional About page in the CTDA

  • Collections - Link to the institution's root collection

  • Website - Link to the institution's website

  • Contact - Link to the institution's contact page or contact email address

CTDA Institutions can add, chnage or remove any of the links in the contextual menu.

Social Media Menu

Using the Social Media Menu, institutions can link to any of their desired social media platforms.

Search Across Collections

ECPs allow users to search across specific collections in the CTDA. Users have the ability to search across the entire collections of institutions in the CTDA as well as the ability to search across sub collections.