Web Archive Content Model


This guide is still being completed.

Creating and Capturing a WARC

There are a number of software options available for creating WARC files that can be added to the repository.

You can find a list of software on this GitHub site.

You can find some software we recommend in the Documenting Outbreak 2020: Web Archiving story.

Adding a WARC

  • Log into manage.ctdigitalarchive.org.

  • Navigate to the collection to which you want to add your WARC.

  • Click the "Manage" tab.


  • Under "Overview", select "Add an object to this Collection".


  • Select "Islandora Web ARChive Content Model" from the "Select a Content Model to Ingest" dropdown menu and click "Next".


  • Select the MODS form you want to use.


  • You will be taken to the CTDA MODS form.


  • The first required field you need to populate is the title of your file.


  • The next required field is the "Resource Type", which should be set to "mixed material".


  • The third required field in the form is "Digital Origin". You should leave "born digital" in this field.


  • The fourth required field is the "Held By" field. Select your institution from the dropdown menu.


  • The final required field is the "Rights" field. Choose your institution from the dropdown menu. If you do not have a customized rights statement, select "Creative Commons NC-BY". 


  • Click "Next" and the next page is where you will upload your object.

  • Click "Choose file" and find the WARC file you want to ingest.


  • Once you have chosen your file, click "Upload".

  • You can also add a screenshot to the website file for users to view in the repository.


  • Finally click "Ingest".


  • After your WARC file has been ingested, you will be taken to the page containing your file. From this page you can manage your object.


Manage Your Object

To learn how to manage your object, visit the Managing Objects in the Repository Guide.

Viewing a WARC

WARCs cannot be viewed in internet browsers in the repository at this time. What we recommend is that your users download WARC files from the repository and open them on their local machines using software to render WARC files. One software that is easy to install and use is the Webrecorder Player. Visit their site to learn more.