CTDA Service Catalog

An overview of the services available to CTDA members.

User Support Services

User support services are available to all CTDA members. These services help you make the most of your CTDA experience.  You can keep up with the latest goings on in the CTDA Community by participating in our Slack-based member forums and our 


Onboarding services provide a basic introduction to the CTDA and instruction on how to create and manage objects in the repository. It also includes creation of user accounts and creating your institutional collection.


The Resource Center offers extensive documentation and guides on all aspects of Working with the CTDA System. Workshops and other training opportunities are offered on an occasional basis.

Technical  Support

Management tools

The CTDA maintains a long list of tools to help you manage your content in the repository. The Resource Center is the place to go to learn more about management tools. 

Custom spreadsheet templates

Got a unique or unusual batch of metadata you need to ingest into the repository? CTDA staff can work with you to develop a custom spreadsheet template to make the job go faster.

Digital Collections Workflow Consultation

CTDA staff are available to offer advice on digital workflows and how to increase efficiency in using the repository system

Metadata consulting

New to structured, schema-based metadata or just don't know where to put that local identifier?  CTDA staff will consult with you to help you create and manage metadata that meets both your needs and your available time and resources.

CTDA Pro Services

Research Data Management (Dataverse)

The CTDA is partnering with the Harvard Dataverse to offer, at no cost to CTDA Pro members, branded, purpose-built research data management tools using the open source platform Dataverse. CTDA will work with CTDA Pro members to create a locally branded "Dataverse" site and will train members on how to use Dataverse to manage and make available research data. Dataverse software offers tools and functions focused specifically on the research data community, including user-customizable embargo and access settings, automatically generated DOIs, tracking and contact with potential users of the data if desired, as well as integration with tens of thousands of other research data sets in the Harvard Dataverse.

Institutional Repository Services

As part of its migration to Islandora 8, the CTDA will be able to offer to CTDA Pro members a purpose-built, fully functional Institutional repository platform, that includes permanent globally unique identifiers, Research communities, individual scholar pages, all running on the CTDA repository infrastructure.  This service is expected to be available in early 2022.


CTDA Labs is experimenting with different models of open source/open access publishing. Subject to the interests of the CTDA Pro community we hope to offer a publishing service in 2022.