Advisory Committees

About the Advisory Committee

The CTDA has two Advisory Committees, one for each of its primary programs CTDA and CTDA Pro.  

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Committee Membership

The CTDA Advisory Committee is made up of colleagues and peers from the cultural heritage, digital preservation, and academic communities in Connecticut and represents a wide variety of talents, knowledge, and perspectives. The committee meets quarterly to share experiences and provide advice on CTDA services and programs. Advisory group members serve three-year terms by invitation of the Director of the CTDA. Members represent a diverse group of experts in their respective areas, and will always include representatives from the library, archives, museum, and historical societies as well as relevant state agencies and/or independent experts. The group has a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 12 members.

The CTDA Pro Advisory Committee

The CTDA Pro Advisory Committee is made up of the Deans/Directors (or their designates) of the Libraries of CTDA Pro members. They are responsible for strategic discussions relating to the future of the program and the collaborative relationships, including the financial relationships, among the member Libraries and with the CTDA.

Committee Operations

The CTDA Director chairs  Advisory Committee meetings and develops meeting agendas in consultation with the membership.

Current CTDA Committee Members



Anna NewmanConnecticut State Library2024
Rebecca ParmerUniversity of Connecticut2022
Andrea RapaczConnecticut Historical Society2024
Elizabeth RoseJewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford2023 
Elizabeth ShapiroDept. of Economic and Community Development2023 
Mary Anne StetsMystic Seaport Museum2022
Jessica WoolfordBibliomation2022
Michael HowserSan Diego State University2024
Christina VolpeBarnes Museum2024
Amrys WilliamsCT League of History Organizations2024

CTDA Pro Advisory Committee Members

The CTDA Pro Advisory Committee is in the process of formation.