Join the CTDA

Who can join CTDA?

A: Any institution, group, or individual willing to make a commitment to stewardship and preservation and located in the state of Connecticut is eligible to join the CTDA Community.

How much does it cost to join CTDA?

A: There are two ways to join: CTDA Heritage and CTDA Pro. CTDA Heritage is free to join, while CTDA Pro has a yearly fee. To find out more about the two options visit our Membership Models page.

What else does CTDA provide?

A: We provide persistent storage, including appropriate back-up, recovery procedures, audit tracking, replication and format migration when applicable to all community members. We also provide a public access portal and ways to link your CTDA content to external web sites and other presentation tools.

What else comes with membership?

A: A browser-based management system (no software to load); an access portal at that retains your organizations' branding for your content; participation in the Digital Public Library of America, and more. See our Membership Models page for more information.

How can I set up a demo of the repository?

A: Email to set up a demo.

How do I start the membership process?

A: First review the CTDA Memorandum of Understanding, the Primary Contact Form, and Policies. Once you have reviewed these documents and are ready to proceed with membership, email to indicate you are ready to join. The CTDA will then send you copies of the CTDA Memorandum of Understanding and the Primary Contact Form to be completed via DocuSign.